Armed Guard Training Program

Armed Guard Training Program

Emergency Response Specialist Training Series

Tomahawk’s Armed Guard Training Program is made up of three modules designed to establish and enhance necessary skills.
This program teaches armed security professionals how to safely and effectively respond to different types of workplace violence and threats. Tomahawk’s Armed Guard Training Program is made up of three modules designed to establish and enhance necessary skills. Our series of courses provides security officers with the skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures needed to handle emergency situations.

Emergency Response Specialist: Baseline Course

In this training, participants will:

  • Receive training in Stop the Bleed and other emergency medical interventions
  • Learn de-escalation techniques
  • Practice and refine shooting skills on a live-fire pistol range
  • Gain a strong foundation in delivering measured, safe, and effective responses to security threats through classroom discussions and scenarios
  • Receive a personalized, comprehensive performance evaluation
Based on participants’ performance in this training, we offer recommendations on who should be authorized to carry a weapon as a security professional in the workplace.

Emergency Response Specialist: Tactical Response Course

Designed to increase confidence and improve decision-making under pressure, this training builds upon the skills gained in the Emergency Response Specialist Baseline Course. Participants will:

  • Utilize tactics such as distance, angles, cover, and concealment
  • Conduct broader tactical movements alone and in teams to respond to threats
  • Learn effective management of an emergency until first responders arrive

Emergency Response Specialist: Sustainment Training

Participants will refresh and build upon their emergency response skills. Tomahawk tailors this course to the abilities and needs of the participants and client. Instruction might include:

  • Firearms training and interactive tactical response scenarios
  • Learning esoteric aspects of threat response, such as the importance of holding areas of strategic value and advanced response planning
  • Improving areas of weakness identified from previous sustainment training, as well as reviewing lessons learned from Incident Response training exercises conducted on client property
  • “The training was easily one of the best I have ever had. They were professional and knowledgeable. They somehow managed to have the perfect blend of high-speed training while also keeping it laid back and relatively stress-free. I look forward to further training with Tomahawk if this is the caliber of their baseline training.”
    Employee Participant
  • “We all became better shooters, better in our understanding of how to handle different types of medical situations, better in our understanding of our function during certain types of emergencies, and overall better at the necessary situational awareness needed to properly do our jobs.”
    Employee Participant
  • “As a nine-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and with 17+ years in the public safety sector, I have had the honor of being exposed to some amazing weapons and tactical training. But this training was honestly one of the best I’ve ever been a part of!”
    Employee Participant