Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Next-level accuracy and preparedness

Accuracy and weapon handling are crucial for armed law enforcement officers. In Tomahawk’s training, your officers learn the latest skills from military-trained instructors. We train on skills for pistol usage, long guns, and conceal carry, broadening and deepening your team’s ability to protect itself and the community.

Firearms Training

In this course, participants focus on fundamental firearm skills and how to apply them safely and intelligently in an operational environment. We work with the group to ensure that the firearms fundamentals mirror the team’s tactical approach.

The topics we cover in this training can be tailored to your organization’s needs, environment, and circumstances. We can also modify it based on the skill level of the participants.

We cover a range of topics, including:

  • Basic weapons safety
  • Individual gear assessment
  • Weapons zero confirmation
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Mechanical offset and holds
  • Shot placement assessment and correction
  • Re-loading procedures
  • Immediate action drills for carbine and pistol
  • Shooting and moving with multi-target engagements
  • Low- or no-light shooting
  • Shooting, moving, and communicating with night vision devices and weapon-mounted lasers

Tomahawk means unparalleled experience

We are former federal agents, special operations members, combat veterans, and law enforcement officers, and we draw from our experience to create Tomahawk instruction. We convey these concepts with sensitivity and seriousness; Tomahawk is your coach, not your drill sergeant.
  • “The Firearms training was extremely helpful to not only break down the basics, but also getting an in-depth explanation of why each small thing matters and then repeating the basics 20-30 times. The instructor was amazing!”
    Law Enforcement participant
  • “All the Tomahawk staff were phenomenal. The firearms portion was the most helpful for me. I learned more in those two days on the range than I did in the last six years. The level of knowledge the Tomahawk instructor showed while breaking down the basics was amazing. Thank you again to everyone!”
    Law Enforcement participant
  • “The training was all so beneficial in different ways, but as Tomahawk has shown, the basics are what matter most. With that, I’d say the range days with Tomahawk were the most beneficial. The instructor’s different ways of explaining things cleared many things up for me. He broke down every little aspect of shooting a pistol and rifle, explaining the basics and the reasoning.”
    Law Enforcement participant