Incident Response & Crisis Management Training Exercise

Incident Response and Crisis Management Training Exercise

Improve the readiness of your organization

What should your company, community, and employees do if an active shooter enters your office? This interactive training exercise gives your employees the tools to respond and stay safe when faced with an emergency or threat in the office.

Tomahawk’s unique training approach includes employees, company leaders, security personnel, and local first responders to ensure cohesion and partnership in response and protocols. In this training, participants will:

  • Take part in hands-on, realistic scenarios
  • Evaluate and improve responses
  • Become familiar with office protocols, which is especially important for first responders who aren’t familiar with your building

Your company receives valuable feedback from our team, including a report with evaluations and recommendations. You’ll receive:

  • Our evaluation of the response efforts by the security team and first responders
  • Suggested ways to improve communication protocols
  • Specific, tailored recommendations for improving the safety of your office and employees
  • “The training was very informative and eye-opening for me. I assumed I would know what to do but froze when I first heard the gunshots. It was helpful to ‘practice’ as I felt more prepared the second time around, and immediately acted. While I hope to never experience a shooting, I believe I would be able to fall back on today’s training.”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 financial institution
  • “It is an uncomfortable topic and I personally have a hard time separating training from real life. Although I do not relish the topic, I know it’s one that I have to face and I’m very glad I took part in this training. Thank you!”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 telecommunications firm
  • “I felt this was an amazing opportunity for the local police and fire department to gain additional training in this area. I want to thank my company for thinking about our safety and putting on this type of training. I think we are more prepared in the event something like this happens at work and we have the tools to survive.”
    Employee Participant
    Fortune 100 firm
  • “The Incident Response and Crisis Management Exercise that the Tomahawk team plans, organizes, and facilitates is, in my professional experience, the safest, most well-run, and most effective method available to truly test and evaluate an organization’s comprehensive approach to an active threat.”
    Chief Security Officer
    Fortune 100 Company