Executive Protection Programs and Training

Executive Protection Programs and Training

Training the best to protect the best

Executives and high-profile individuals face unique security risks. We train executive protection personnel to effectively and safely shield key executives from potential threats.

Executive Protection Training: Baseline Course

In this module, we create a broad foundation of concepts and skills to prepare individuals to safely and effectively perform an executive protection role.

  • Mission planning
  • Advance detail activities
  • Protective rings of security
  • Motorcade operations
  • Firearms training
  • Medical training
Based on participants’ performance in this training, we offer recommendations on who should be authorized to carry a weapon as a security professional in the workplace.

Executive Protection Training: Sustainment

After participants complete the Baseline Course, this course builds upon those skills to improve and increase preparedness. We tailor the Sustainment module to meet the needs and abilities of the participants and the organization. It can include:

  • Tactical movement, including utilizing distance, angles, cover, and concealment
  • Critical response skills, such as radio use and effective management of an emergency until first responders arrive
  • Esoteric aspects of threat response, such as the importance of holding areas of strategic value and advanced response planning
  • Training to improve weaknesses identified from previous instruction

Equipment for Executive Protection teams

Tomahawk offers a comprehensive line of equipment and gear to make sure your Executive Protection team is ready for anything. We consult with you to define and meet your immediate and future needs.
  • “This training is beneficial for anyone that is involved in the Executive Protection field, from new hires to experienced professionals. The Tomahawk instructors were highly qualified!”
    Executive Protection Specialist
    Fortune 100 CEO
  • “The Tomahawk team brought a lot of experience and credibility to the training with their work domestically and abroad. Their professionalism and instruction were outstanding.”
    Executive Protection Specialist
    Fortune 100 CEO