Sniper Instruction

Sniper Instruction

Specialized instruction for law enforcement units

Tomahawk’s Sniper training offers more than weapon handling and marksmanship for specialized law enforcement units. We focus on accuracy, critical thinking, and decision-making in this course, all created and delivered by combat-experienced, military-trained professionals.

Law Enforcement Sniper Instruction

Tomahawk works with you to tailor the sniper training to your team’s typical working environment, whether it is urban or rural. We also consider the participants’ abilities and your team’s goals when creating this customized training. We typically cover topics such as:

  • Mission planning
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Threat indicators
  • Sniper employment
  • Mission coordination
  • Communication protocols
  • Scenario-based training
  • Urban hide construction and use
  • Marksmanship and fundamentals
  • Barrier penetration
  • High-angle shooting
  • Familiarization with and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Unparalleled experience

We are former and current federal agents, special operations members, combat veterans, and law enforcement officers, and we draw from our experience to create Tomahawk instruction. We convey these concepts with sensitivity and seriousness; Tomahawk is your coach, not your drill sergeant.
  • “The wealth of knowledge and experience that was brought to the table was invaluable. This was the best sniper course I have been to in 6 years of doing this work. Our team will greatly benefit from the techniques that were shared over the course of the week.”
    Participant, Arundel County Police Dept.