De-Escalation Training

De-Escalation Training

The safest option in a volatile situation

De-escalation is an established, effective tool used by uniformed first responders and mental health professionals to prevent stressful encounters from turning violent. Increasingly, de-escalation is a necessary skill for all of us, useful for security professionals as well as for anyone working as a member of a team or in a forward-facing, customer-centric role. We offer de-escalation training in-person for security professionals and online for all employees.

De-Escalation for Security Professionals

In this training, we emphasize how de-escalation is connected to situational awareness, strong communication skills, and resilience under pressure. Through a mix of classroom instruction and practice with customized scenarios, students learn de-escalation tools and techniques:

  • Decision-making 101
  • Time, space, and limiting factors
  • Policy and organizational considerations
  • Feedback loop

Tomahawk Institute: De-Escalation

De-Escalation: Building Your Foundation:

Our approach teaches professionals how to slow down, create space, and use all available forms of communication to defuse a situation safely. In this course, participants will:

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Learn tools and techniques to apply during high-stress situations, including dealing with angry customers and co-workers
  • Review three realistic and familiar interactions and learn how to de-escalate tension using our best practices
Our online courses reinforce basic best practices, continuous engagement with your environment, identifying and avoiding potential threats, and understanding your options ahead of time to improve your outcome.
  • “I was a little skeptical as to why I would need this for my job, but the training was well conducted by dedicated and knowledgeable personnel who you can tell are passionate about what they do and the impact of the education they provide. It was amazing!”
    Employee Participant
    Healthcare network
  • "The training totally exceeded my expectations. I am part of the resident relations team, and it was fascinating to learn what our public safety team does throughout their tours. I personally benefited from this because sometimes I deal with emotionally disturbed people or enter residents’ apartments, and it’s important to think through different tactics for the different scenarios you’re presented with."
    Employee Participant
    Fortune 500, Commercial Real Estate Client