Creating safer, more 
secure communities

Creating safer, more 
secure communities

Work with Tomahawk

Tomahawk offers training and advisory services to corporate and law enforcement teams in service of our mission to create safer, more secure communities. Our programs bring decades of experience in managing crisis situations to you. Whether you’re a corporate front-desk manager or an armed SWAT officer, our training can prepare you for an emergency.

We want everyone to be safe and prepared.

A coach, not a drill sergeant

At Tomahawk, our approach is different. We bring an uncommon sensitivity to the discussion of challenging topics. We understand that teaching employees how to behave when faced with an active shooter, for instance, can be scary and jarring. We handle topics like this with seriousness and understanding.

Who we work with

We work with corporate entities, law enforcement, and the private sector to train employees and security staff and improve emergency response and readiness. We have a wide range of services we customize to suit the needs of our clients.

  • “I was nervous to participate but the instructors were helpful and provided a safe atmosphere.”
  • “It was such an eye-opening day to get to see what my reaction would be during a potential event during the simulations.”
  • “Having knowledgeable and professional individuals showing us these crucial skills makes a world of difference.”
  • “The course changed my mindset in regard to being aware of my surroundings.”

  • “Tomahawk was very professional and knowledgeable in their delivery on a difficult topic that no one really wants to talk about. The presenters were aware of this sensitive material and showed respect on the topic.”
  • “This was certainly an eye opener for me. This morning while walking throughout Grand Central Terminal, I was vigilant looking at people and how they were acting. We never imagine or think something like this can happen to us.”

  • “I really appreciated Tomahawk’s thoughtful, sensitive approach to the difficult topic of being prepared in the case of violence in the workplace. They were very considerate about the emotions and potential reactions of participants and gave plenty of advanced warning and background before the demo.”
  • “It is an uncomfortable topic and I personally have a hard time separating training from real life. Although I do not relish the topic, I know it’s one that I have to face and I’m very glad I took part in this training. Thank you!”

  • “The training was very informative and eye opening for me. I assumed I would know what to do but froze when I first heard the gunshots. It was helpful to ‘practice’ as I felt more prepared the second time around, and immediately acted. While I hope to never experience a shooting, I believe I would be able to fall back on today’s training.”

    Learn online with the Tomahawk Institute®

    Access our curated collection of online courses designed to stand alone or reinforce in-person learning. With targeted content for corporate or law enforcement audiences, our courses are engaging, relevant, and designed to make you safer in the places you live, work, and play.