The Tomahawk Institute® for Law Enforcement

The Tomahawk Institute®

On-demand online training for law enforcement

The Tomahawk Institute is a curated collection of online courses created by our team of law enforcement and military-trained experts. Our content is engaging, relevant, and designed to make your officers more effective and your communities safer.
Use the Tomahawk Institute’s content to keep your team focused on policing basics, reinforce in-person content, and take your readiness to the next level.
  • Our online training may qualify for CEU/CME credits to satisfy training requirements
  • Improve your team’s safety and readiness for an emergency
  • Access a wide range of topics, all available on-demand for your officers

Partner with Tomahawk

As your partner, we can create courses and webinars targeted to your unique needs. We’re happy to consult with you to create content to address the unique challenges and needs you’re facing.

Relevant, realistic, relatable content

Our law enforcement programs are designed using our team’s shared experience, then thoughtfully constructed to be relevant, realistic, and relatable. The content is grounded in the understanding and replication of proven and effective tactics and techniques to keep you and those you serve safe.

Access short and effective training courses like:

  • Methodical Clearance®
  • Hostage Rescue – Dynamic Clearance
  • Patrol Officer Tactical Response: Active Threat
  • …and an extensive media library.
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Unparalleled experience

We are former federal agents, special operations members, military veterans, and law enforcement officers and we draw from our experience to create Tomahawk Institute courses to educate your officers. We convey these concepts with sensitivity and seriousness; Tomahawk is your coach, not your drill sergeant.
  • “The e-learning portion of the training allowed us to more quickly grasp the concepts we were introduced to. I think this was important for us being able to get the most out of the training.”
    Law enforcement partner
  • “Our tactical team trains with Tomahawk in person, so we know how excellent their online courses are for our teams to stay up to date and reference common tactics. Also, the online courses are great for on-boarding new team members so they can hit the ground running with live training.”
    Law enforcement partner