Patrol Officer Tactical Response Program

Patrol Officer Tactical Response Program

Safe, effective tactics for law enforcement personnel to respond to active threats

Our Patrol Officer Tactical Response program gives officers the tools and strategies to respond to active threats effectively and safely. We offer online and in-person training, providing maximum flexibility for your team.

Patrol Officer Tactical Response

Continuing to learn new skills and refreshing existing ones can be the difference between life and death in an active threat situation. This team-based training is an opportunity to strengthen key skills and work together so your team is ready for anything.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • Priority of threats
  • Threat indicators
  • Contact teams versus search teams
  • Link-up procedures
  • One- to four-person room entries
  • How to facilitate future training scenarios independently
The Tomahawk team personalizes the training to use your team’s standard operating procedures, which we’ll create or update at the conclusion of the course. We provide a written debrief report after the training that includes evaluations of each participant and recommendations for further training. Officers who successfully complete the course will be granted a certificate of completion to show their proficiency.

Patrol Officer Tactical Response - Tomahawk Institute®

In this online course, we teach the proper techniques for handling active threats. It creates a shared foundation for in-person training or can stand alone as a refresher. We cover best practices for a variety of topics, including:

  • Tactical fundamentals of one- and two-officer search and contact teams
  • Basics of tactical decision-making, focusing on how to prioritize threats, life, and activities
  • Skills to help with all types of police response scenarios, including burglar alarms, domestic violence, motor vehicle stops, search warrants, and more
The Tomahawk Institute offers online classes that reinforce basic best practices: continuous engagement with your environment, identifying and avoiding potential threats, and understanding your options ahead of time to improve the outcome.
  • “The Tomahawk team was excellent. I honestly didn't want to stop training and continuously wanted to be the first to get a rep in. Our department needs this vital partnership with Tomahawk to continue indefinitely so we can have better-trained officers on the street.”
    Law Enforcement participant
  • “This training was excellent and delivered in the highest standards. It effectively combined theory with practical experience. Additionally, it’s easy to learn from Tomahawk trainers who have the highest level of skill and experience and don’t lead with their ego but maintain command.”
    Law Enforcement participant
  • “There are lots of ex-military out there offering consulting and training, but not all of them are effective teachers like Tomahawk.”
    Law Enforcement participant
  • “I have no questions about the quality of instructors; they’re uniformly the absolute pinnacle. Best ever.”
    Law Enforcement participant