The Tomahawk Institute® for Corporations

The Tomahawk Institute®

Engaging, on-demand learning

The Tomahawk Institute is a curated collection of online courses created by our team of experts. Our content is engaging, relevant, and designed to make your employees safer in the places they live, work, and play.
Use the Tomahawk Institute’s content to gain valuable background knowledge, reinforce in-person content, and take your readiness to the next level.
  • Improve your company’s safety and readiness for an emergency
  • Access a wide range of topics, all available on-demand for your employees

Relevant, realistic, relatable content

Our corporate programs are designed using our team’s shared experience, then thoughtfully constructed to be relevant, realistic, and relatable. We follow characters through familiar scenarios, allowing learners to better identify with the subject.

Access short and effective training courses like:

  • De-Escalation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Active Threat
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Unparalleled experience

We are former federal agents, special operations members, combat veterans, and law enforcement officers. We draw from our experience to create Tomahawk Institute courses to educate you and your employees, and convey these concepts with sensitivity and seriousness; Tomahawk is your coach, not your drill sergeant.

Our goal is to create safer communities and more prepared individuals.

  • “The course was well prepared and provides an excellent overview of the Prepare, Respond, Recover model.”
    Frank D'Amico
    Principal, Lodi High School, New Jersey
  • “Great information. I feel better prepared now in the event of an active shooter. Thank you for providing the information and course.”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 financial institution
  • “The training gave a good overview of things to know or keep in mind and also actions to take in preparation and response to any potential situation.”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 financial institution
  • “I feel better prepared. I loved this course!”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 firm
  • “This training session offered an excellent review with emphasis on being prepared, being situationally aware, and taking action.”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 firm
  • “This was very helpful and informative. I feel better prepared should it happen to me at work or home.”
    Employee participant
    Fortune 100 firm