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Our staff has unparalleled experience conducting a wide spectrum of operations.


We make communities safer.

Tomahawk partners with leaders in the public and private sectors to help better protect the people and property under their charge. Our goal is to mitigate your risk by making you and your organization better prepared to address a myriad of threats.

Capabilities Overview


Michael Biller

President / COO

Matthew Coufalik

Senior Vice President

Keith Walawender

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Korenoski

Senior Vice President

Mike Bauer

Director of Corporate Security

Peter OConnell

Senior Vice President

Marty Delaney

Program Manager

Matthew Jenkins

Vice President

Rob Wylie

Senior Instructor

Joe Collins

Senior Instructor

Kahler Mcphail

Vice President

Ian Noble

Program Manager

John Dyke

Vice President

John Veltri

Program Manager

Matthew Rosenberg

Program Manager

John McKenzie

Program Manager

Lara King

Administrative Assistant

Dave Adams

Sales Manager

Jed Goff

Program Manager

Kim Blackford

Inside Sales

Mads Carmes

Program Manager

Jesse Korenoski

Business Manager

Raquel Patrick

Senior Instructor

William Lanfear

Moulage Artist

Luke Hitchcock

Creative Director

Walter McLallen

Co-Chairman of the Board

Nick Pontikes

Co-Chairman of the Board

Tomahawk personnel include Special Operations Forces (SOF) operators, corporate security experts, SWAT/ESU/Patrol officers (retired and active) hand-selected for their specialized skills and experience, and medical professionals.

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Our staff has unparalleled experience conducting a wide spectrum of operations. Together we can work to improve your security needs.

Passionate about our work and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals.

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