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Tomahawk Strategic Solutions works with corporate leaders in a wide variety of industries to help better protect the people and property under their charge. Our goal is to mitigate your risk by making you and your organization better prepared to address the myriad of threats that corporate businesses now confront.



Armed Carry Authorization Policy

We develop the policy framework that will authorize select individuals to be armed in your organization.

Team Building

Tomahawk will immerse you and your team in a fun and challenging environment while focusing on promoting teamwork and communication.

Executive Protection Programs & Training

We will provide executive protection personnel with the knowledge and training required to successfully shield key executives from potential threats.

Active Threat Policy

We will conduct a comprehensive review and work with you to develop a customized framework that meets the specific needs of your organization.

Emergency Medical Training

Tomahawk Strategic Solutions is the industry leader in the development and delivery of a multitude of Emergency Medicine programs.

Advanced Security Programs

Custom built and requirement driven, our advanced programs enhance security fundamentals by focusing on additional skill sets including: surveillance, threat detection, and signature mitigation.

Online Learning

Our interactive e-learning platform hosts proprietary content designed to meet the needs of our current and future clients.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

We offer a full spectrum of programs to identify and provide solutions to your company's security vulnerabilities.

Armed Guard Training Programs

We develop and maintain programs to staff, equip, and train employees and armed security personnel.

Interactive Threat Seminar

Our interactive threat seminar is an excellent way to provide employee awareness training on a broad scale.

Incident Response | Crisis Management

Our programs help to ensure that employees and security personnel are exposed to real-world scenarios and solutions.


Our de-escalation training focuses on applying proven communication skills and decision-making tools to create space and slow an incident down, enabling better control for a positive outcome.

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Our staff has unparalleled experience conducting a wide spectrum of operations. Together we can work to improve your security needs.

Passionate about our work and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals.

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